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Olga and Sandra are two professional guides from Catalunya. Everynow and again, they met in their favourite spot, la Costa Brava, to walk and catch up. One afternoon, while rambling along the coastal trail, mesmerised by the stunning landscape, suddenly struck them: Why not share this place with the rest of the world?

And so, project walking-costabrava, started. With a huge desire to share their knowledge and love for their territory and culture. Both have travelled and worked all over the globe, gaining experience not only with international tour operators and alternative companies but also dealing with all nationalities, personalities in all kinds of situations. All this background is important to create the best experience for you travellers.

Olga and Sandra and their team of guides, have grown up in the area, they are full of ancient folk tales, have contacts of the best and most authentic restaurants and hotels, and they really can't wait to share their secrets with you.