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catalan gourmet itinerary

Local gastronommy

Catalonia is a culinary reference worldwide, innovative chefs such as the Roca Brothers from Girona have been inspired by family heritage, local produce and innovation traditions, history and even social life are hidden mysteriously behind every plate and every ingredient that shapes our local gastronomy. The experience of new tastes and textures may give us a deeper understanding of the culture we are visiting.

During this journey we will discover what author Josep Pla wrote about Catalan Cuisine: “ it is its landscape in a dish.” From the Pyrenees Mountains on one side of the Costa Brava, and the Mediterranean Sea on the other, Girona has locally pressed olive oil, dark red tomatoes, seafood straight out of the sea, some of the freshest onions and garlics you have ever tasted. And lets not forget the Empordà wine…will make your holiday most memorable.