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Walking Costa Brava

Started as a project to share the love, culture and passion of the territory by 2 local friends.

They have both travelled and worked all over the world, gaining experience not only with international tour operators and smaller independent companies. but also dealing with all nationalities and personalities in all kinds of situations. However, what they really wanted, was to guide in the Costa Brava, the place they called home. They are very happy to show a landscape that is real, raw, natural and that is best experienced by walking it, step by step.

Olga and Sandra and their team of guides, have grown up in the area, they are full of ancient folk tales, have contacts of the best and most authentic restaurants and hotels, and they really can’t wait to share their secrets with you.

Today after more than 10 years of leading visitors on treks throughout the region, we are also focusing on helping local students learn more about this amazing area. Twice a year, we give back by inviting classrooms to enjoy walking, cycling, kayaking or snorkeling -so that they can have the same thrilling experiences you have.

Our Team


Director & Founder
Barcelona Official Guide

Sandra Nolan

Director & Founder
Official Guide of Barcelona


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